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26 October 2009 @ 05:48 pm
It was announced today that Protagonist Pictures has acquired the international rights to Wild Target, starring Rupert Grint and Bill Nighy, and will be releasing the film in the U.K. in 2010 through Entertainment Film Distributors. In further news, in an effort to secure a North American distributor, the film will be screened at the American Film Market in Los Angeles this week (as will Rupert's other film Cherrybomb – see this story for free screening tickets for that film). Protagonist Pictures posted some new photos from the film, which can also be found in SnitchSeeker's gallery here.
While pictures seem to be scarce, we have finally found one of Rupert being interviewed! You may view the photo in our gallery here thanks very much to Generate Sponsorship! Here is what they had to say about Rupert on their twitter:
We've spent the day in Wales at the WRC with Harry Potter star Rupert Grint - top bloke!

We have some great HQ pictures thanks again to Generate Sponsorship! You can view them in the galleries here! We also have a long quote from Rupert, and more information about the reasons for his attendance. Check it out here, and we will certainly be cheering for James... ;) There is a video of Rupert from Dave TV via youtube. Plus, there's a clip of Rupert from this event showing his expression up-close to the speeding cars from WRC and available on our youtube here.  More rally clips thanks to RupertGrint.us staffer Karo. Check out Rupert and his brother James standing side by side at the Rally event on our youtube here. and also another short clip of Rupert and James here......

Translation From This Clip:
The speaker says this: Rupert Grint, the actor you might know from the Harry Potter films, is also at the course with his brother James; James Grint, an enthusiastic rally driver; and they're enjoying a bit of the action.

21 October 2009 @ 01:57 pm
Actor Rupert Grint will be attending the Rally of Great Britain, specifically at the manufacturer’s area of the Service Park, in Cardiff Bay at 2.15pm on Saturday, October 25th.

Of Rupert's attendance, it is said:

Rupert, 21, is a huge fan of rallying and will no doubt be hoping to catch the crowning of the World Rally Champion at the ceremonial finish in the afternoon.

A free screening for Rupert Grint's upcoming feature Cherrybomb will be shown at the American Film Market on November 4, 2009. The screening will take place at the AMC Loews Broadway #4 in Santa Monica, California, at 9:00a.m.

Those interested in watching the film can do so by sending an e-mail here for more information.

We will have much more on the screening, including whether or not cast and crew, especially Rupert, will be attending, so stay tuned.

Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright have joined Tom Felton in appearing in the latest issue of Drama magazine. Both have participated in photo shoots and interviews. A new picture of Rupert is now online and can be seen here courtesy of RupertGrint.net;


Never underestimate the power of the fan, as witnessed with the new film "Cherrybomb" starring Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley). Scores of you let us know that the film will now apparently be seen in theaters after an awareness campaign by fans helped the producers catch the attention of an unnamed American distribution company.  The BBC reports that:

"Fans set up an online petition for its release, and lobbied the industry in an attempt to drum up interest.Producers now say a distribution deal has been signed, and the Belfast-set movie should be released in 2010. Grint, 21, previously said was delighted by the fan campaign, which was dreamt up by a website called Ice Cream Man."I am backing this campaign wholeheartedly," he said."I'm delighted by the huge support the film has already received on the official Facebook page and other sites on the web and am so grateful to my fans in particular, who have travelled the world to support the film at festivals and preview screenings." Film producer Simon Bosanquet, from Britain's Generator Entertainment, also paid tribute to Grint's fans."With a lot of independent films, it is hard to get them noticed," he told the BBC News website."Rupert Grint has a very dedicated fanbase and it was very much down to them that this started."

Caution to parents: This film most certainly is not for children, as it contains scenes depicting violence, sex and obvious drug taking. Having said that, you can learn more about this film via the official site.

06 October 2009 @ 02:06 pm
Grint said that he was delighted by the fighting spirit of his fans. “I am backing this campaign wholeheartedly,” he said. “I’m delighted by the huge support the film has already received on the official Facebook page and other sites on the web and am so grateful to my fans in particular, who have travelled the world to support the film at festivals and preview screenings.”

the whole article can be read here at the source
03 October 2009 @ 05:28 pm

Weasley does it: Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, 21, and his £9.2m property empire

He might play second fiddle to Harry Potter in the wizardry department, but Rupert Grint has proved himself no muggle when it comes to property deals.
At just past his 21st birthday the red-haired actor, who portrays Ron Weasley, already has a multi-million-pound portfolio which outshines those of his co-stars.

The Mail can reveal that he owns two country mansions and co-owns another sizeable detached home.
And the value of the mortgage-free portfolio? A cool £9.2million.
Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry, has property worth an estimated £7million, and Emma Watson, Hermione in the films, £4million.

According to Land Registry documents Grint paid £5.4million on September 9 to become the sole owner of an 18th-century Hertfordshire manor house in 22 acres.
It has five reception rooms, six bedroom suites and two cottages in the grounds.
For the past few years Grint has been living with his parents, brother and three sisters at his other country house in Hertfordshire.

Land Registry records show Grint as the sole owner and reveal that he paid £3.35million for it in October 2006.
In April last year he paid £495,000 with his father Nigel, a memorabilia dealer and former racing car driver, for a substantial detached house, also in Hertfordshire. They were given planning permission for an extension and work has begun.

Mr and Mrs Grint sold a former home near Hertford for £295,000 in 2002 after the release of the second Harry Potter film.
In June 2003 they paid £975,000 for a house in the town and in October that year bought a farmhouse, just outside Hertford, for £2million.
Both properties are still registered under their names.